Sunday, 1 November 2009

Who would have thought?!

Now I can't just walk into a shop and buy a dress.....I ask myself why I am buying it - is it my friends influence? Because the ambiance in the shop is right? Has that print advert tipped me over the edge? What are my affective and cognitive thoughts and feelings about this purchase? Sometimes I wish my mind wandering off to heuristics would just stop. Then I had a brain wave.......

If studying buyer behaviour makes me think this much and sometimes put me off buying products surely this would be the best type of rehab for shopaholics ?!?!?!

Clothes are very important to me and before I learnt about the thought processes involved with buying things I just used to amble into the shop and pick it up if I thought it looked pretty. But now all I can seem to do is link my purchase to the wheel of consumer analysis (and you thought that dazed look was because I couldn't decide if I thought velvet was in this season :-) It is by the way.....)

My consumer environment is swamped with influences of the products - my friends wearing the brand, complimenting me on certain outfits, celebrities wearing the clothes and getting into the best dressed lists - surely it makes it fashionable?! *ahem* I want social approval.....(means-end just doesn't stop!!!!)

My affect and cognition decide to build emotions and thoughts up about the brand, heuristics form 'If I wear this brand then I get compliments....' I have a positive relationship with the brand and they never seem to let me down....

All this (as you may be wondering where this is going...) affects my consumer behaviour - off I tootle into the shop in question and purchase these items.

So in conclusion - if someone is spending too much money remind them of the real reasons they are purchasing and they may just pop that item back on the's made me think more !! bank balance thinks its a good idea but I am starting to forget what my credit card looks like !!

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