Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Is The World's Population Infact The Biggest Public Relations Department?

Wake up. Switch on your blackberry. Check peoples status updates on Facebook. 'Like it'. Update mine 'Carli-ann is going on holiday in 3 days!!'. Shower. Dress. What shall I wear? Pick up my designer handbag. Leave my house. Get into my branded car. Go and buy a magazine. Go to work.

How many of these decisions have been made to portray a certain image to others? How many people in my 628 friends actually care about my holiday? Why did I wear certain clothes? Why did I purchase that designer bag? Why did I choose to buy that certain brand of car? To project an image to others - that's why - consciously or unconsciously? -I have made it...yes everyone look at me I am interesting, I am going on holiday, I can afford designers......

People don't buy the products., they buy the benefits that they bring - a bicycle would get you from A-B, in fact your feet would too....but people still pay £70'000 for a Jaguar because it presents an image that is successful and sophisticated.

Facebook is a prime example of how people advertise themselves, it's not just businesses whose pages tell people what they do and how they do it. There are even websites where people can choose 'funny' status updates....just so people will think they are funny. Looking at a couple of the 30 million status's updated everyday you see themes running through:

******** feels rough << this insinuates that they want attention - they want people to say 'oh why??' and feel sorry for them....

****** is sick of it all... << this is also a cry for help - they want people to ask what is wrong with them and offer their support - what makes this more irritating is that they won't tell people what is wrong with them (or if they do it’s by private message..)

******* can't wait for tonight with ****** and ***** << this is effectively to make anyone who isn't invited jealous - especially by specifying - this type of status also projects a fun image - as they are going out...

****** is so happy << this is the one of the most pathetic types almost as irritating as:

****** is so annoyed / or something just as personal.

It's the easiest way of changing your self concept - how you see yourself and sometimes more importantly how you want others to see you.

Increasingly Facebook is being used by potential employers to check up on you after the interview - have you got any incriminating, drunken pictures....check....examples of bad behaviour....check....well make sure you de-tag yourself !! It has been known for someone to be sacked because of the content of their social networking profile....whatever happened to freedom of speech ??!!

What you purchase, what you put on your Facebook, what make up you wear - everything you do gives out an image to others.....So next time you buy that new car, bag or jumper think about your motives behind it....might just be surprised!!

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