Thursday, 1 October 2009

'Lets all jump on the solar powered bandwagon....'

With events such as the UN Climate change conference in December and the Carbon reduction commitment coming up it's no surprise that savvy companies (and even the followers) have decided to tell consumers that they are 'green'.

'Green Marketing' has been going on for a while - but now more than ever - companies are reaching out to consumers and telling them of their green policies - whether it's a leading brand of washing powder encouraging people to was at 30c instead of 40c or a toilet roll brand planting god knows how many trees for every pack of toilet roll sold or shops charging you for a carrier bag......but how much of this is done for show?

Nowadays consumers expect companies to be related with a good cause - it's part of the augmented many people would prefer to buy a product that could benefit someone else in the long run.

Businesses HAVE to reduce their carbon emissions - whether that's through reduced packaging or paperless billing - there is a difference in caring like you care and having to care.

A industry sector which will have a hard time are car producers (as if they haven't been hit hard already) - are they meant to tell people to tell people to use their product less ? Or buy a smaller version....I don't think so !! Some have already thought a head and innovated new products - e.g. BMW's Auto Start/Stop function is fitted, which cuts down on fuel and emissions by automatically switching off the engine whenever the car is at a standstill.

It made me think - if a company was related to a worth while cause (which I am not disputing is a good idea) what would happen if they weren't allowed to plaster it all over their packaging - so the consumer was unaware of what they were doing ?.............

.........It's like: A tree still makes a noise when it falls even if no one is there to hear it...........I doubt this would be case with a lot of these businesses.

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