Tuesday, 27 July 2010

They just keep coming...

I'd like to take time out to introduce the second of my guest bloggers:

Ashley Funderburk.

As with my previous guest blogger we met on Twitter. She began following me a few months ago and I returned the favour. I now look forward to seeing what she is up to and keeping up to date with just where she is - which is everywhere! From the information in her guest blog you will see just how busy her life is and she shows no time of stopping.

It's very interesting to find someone on the other side of the Atlantic who is doing the same degree is me - maybe one day, when we both have our own PR agencies we can meet and share our experiences!

If you want to follow her on Twitter you will find her on @amfunderburk1

Thanks again to Ashley for taking time out to write this for me. From one PR Princess to another Ash :-)

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