Wednesday, 9 June 2010

End of the "Celebrity" - a bad thing?

Having just read an article on PR

'Final Big Brother could signal end of the age of the celebrity, warns celebrity publicist.'

It got me thinking. Will the end of Big Brother really spell the end of the celebrity? Or will we just begin to find them elsewhere?

The launch of BB11 is on tonight - the last in the series of this iconic programme. The format has been used with celebrities, abroad and also as an elaborate con in Turkey in 2009. It has created a stream of 'celebs' to attend award ceremonies and grace our gossip columns.

So would losing these celebs really be a bad thing? Obviously from a business point of view there will be lose of revenue for channel 4, Davina will lose her pay packet, the potential for normal people to become 'famous' will be reduced and magazine sales may suffer.

My opinion is however that there won't be a fall in the number of 'celebs' but where we get them from will change - with shows like Britain's got talent and sites such as there will always be people who the general public become interested in....

Don't despair if you like your fix of celeb gossip there is still one series of Big Brother left !

I look forward to reading Ian Monk's full column later this week on

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